Northeast District Office

Vision of the Arkansas Conference

Congregations and surrounding communities transformed by the Holy Spirit to demonstrate love of God and neighbor, holy living, and justice.

The Mission of the Arkansas Conference

To make disciples of Jesus Christ equipped to transform the world with excellence and passion.

Core Measures

  • We shall embrace deep change that empowers us to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by:
  • Rooting all we do in our understanding of Scripture, and personal and social holiness (the foundational principles of United Methodism), so that we revitalize our connection and our ministry instead of being connected by our apportionments, appointments and benefits.
  • Establishing the mission field as the primary place for our attention and resources instead of directing most of our attention and resources to the institutional needs of congregations and clergy.
  • Equipping laity and clergy for shared outcomes of transformation with excellence instead of directing resources toward congregational preservation and satisfaction of current members.
  • Organizing our ministry around the unique geographic, cultural, demographic, and ethnic contexts in the identified mission fields instead of treating every church, district, and conference structure the same.

Four Areas of Focus

Our four areas of focus, not just for the Arkansas Conference, but for all United Methodists are:

  1. Developing principled Christian leaders;
  2. Creating new places for new people by starting congregations and renewing existing ones;
  3. Engaging in ministry with the poor;
  4. Stamping out killer diseases by improving health globally.